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W-O-W! Entire scientific board of an Italian research institute resigns in protest against being saddled with internationally-reknowned sexual harasser as director! Are there any other jobs going, because now *I* want to work there! nature.com/articles/d41586-020

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This is your periodic reminder of free learning content that we’ve produced largely in response to the DataCamp incident.

I want my students to feel valued and safe.

First off: The R-Bootcamp. No install required, just browser: r-bootcamp.netlify.app/

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Zu wurde ja bereits alles gesagt und geschrieben. Was mich aber wirklich stört ist, dass in vielen Medien nachwievor von einer Lobbyismus-Affäre gesprochen wird. Worum es hier geht ist nicht , sondern . Und das sollte man auch so benennen!

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– Katastrophenhilfe von allen für alle! 🗺️ Jetzt für den nächsten Missing Maps Online Mapathon des am 24. Juni anmelden!
▶️ eventbrite.de/e/missing-maps-o
Worum geht es bei diesem spannenden Projekt?
▶️ drk.de/missing-maps

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2020 is on track to be one of the warmest years on record for the planet.

The change in temperature is clear wherever you live.

Today, to start conversations about climate change.

Find your country or region’s stripes and be creative! showyourstripes.info

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@WeObserveEU@twitter.com is inviting you to Challenge🫒 ❗️ The concept is to use & suggest your own solutions to address challenges. 2⃣ tenders will🏅5⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣€ 🙃each❗️ Register to the to find out more.
👉 weobserve.eu/odc-webinar/

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-s are key for carbon storage, coastal defence & biodiversity
They could be wiped out by by 2050
We need to monitor & protect them
🇪🇺🛰️image of 🐅🇮🇳 🇧🇩, the 🌍's largest mangrove forest

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WOW. WOW. WOW. This is amazing. Congrats @googlearts@twitter.com and of course @VAW_glaciology@twitter.com twitter.com/googlearts/status/

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Satellite radar measurements of ground settlement occurred during the tunneling phase of the Bank Station Capacity Upgrade project. 🚇🚧 🛰 @tfl@twitter.com @TfLRail@twitter.com @BritishGeotech@twitter.com twitter.com/GeotechFEA/status/

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Looking at the ground motion service it looks like the region of the Alta mudslide in showed signs of deformation at least 5 years before happening. Further proof that and
@CopernicusEU@twitter.com data can provide early warning for potential disasters

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Von heute an stellen wir Ausschnitte aus und anderen Wissenschaftssendungen zur freien Nutzung zur Verfügung. Unsere CC-Clips können von ​n im Unterricht gezeigt, von ​n in Referate eingebaut oder anderen weiter bearbeitet werden.🤗

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This week on the GD Blog " In Geoscience" @drperezdiaz@twitter.com interviews 13 exceptional researchers in geodynamics and related fields.
@EuroGeosciences@twitter.com blogs.egu.eu/divisions/gd/2020

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wie das verkehrsministerium unter andreas scheuer gerade private seenotrettung verhindert (mini-thread) 1/5

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