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Absolute favorite satellite image of a river thus far. NIR during winter 2018 near Dublar Char, Bangladesh. @ESA_EO@twitter.com Thinking of starting an all black and white “rivers from above” collection of satellite imagery. @bluemayfly@twitter.com has this already been done?

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Outstanding animated globe shows a year worth of earthquakes by depth (July 2017 to July 2018). In the interactive online version you can click on each individual to learn more. Epic ! Source: buff.ly/353fycg

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Amazing news @conservify@twitter.com, congrats to the team and all your efforts with @shahselbe@twitter.com twitter.com/hackaday/status/11

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We're giving away 20 solar charger kits to Makers. Tell us what you want to build! bit.ly/2QtHWAp

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Super chuffed to be speaking about menstruation apps (and the joy of traffic analysis) at . Come for the discussions about third party data sharing, stay for the terrible puns on every slide! twitter.com/CJFWeatherhead/sta

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Hey @cassiecodes@twitter.com, don’t understand why to use SVGs? I can do the same stuff with flash! 😉

Hey , my employer Mandarin Medien looks for great people in UX and Design! Talk to me if you interested…

Hey Twitter, are there any @mozilla@twitter.com events today on ?

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Do you have a project with social impact in health, insurance innovation or sustainable&safe mobility? Apply to the 3rd @fmapfre@twitter.com Social Innovation Awards boosted by @IEBusiness@twitter.com Get Mentoring, international media exposure & €30,000! bit.ly/FMIE3EDEn

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On my way to ! Every year the same procedure... very excited about the next days.

I agree 100% with @mrchrisadams@twitter.com 💯

♥️ for @TheBeamMagazine@twitter.com Crew!

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I think The Beam is the best print publication you can read if you work in tech, you want a rounded view the challenges around the climate crisis, & also the work being done by people fighting the good fight, from entrepreneurs to activists, worldwide.

Join me as an ambassador? twitter.com/TheBeamMagazine/st

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Exposure (people, infrastructure, buildings, historical monuments) + vulnerability (low-lying land, subsidence) + natural variability (high tide) = danger

+ human-induced climate change (sea level rise) = disaster

Climate change is a threat multiplier twitter.com/reuters/status/119

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Der Journalist Julian bezahlt einen hohen Preis dafür, dass er die Öffentlichkeit informierte. So etwas darf nicht passieren! Whistleblower und ihre Unterstützer*innen brauchen die Hilfe und Solidarität von uns allen. fassadenkratzer.wordpress.com/

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American cities need to flip the street hierarchy inside out. We need a pedestrian core at the heart of every city and neighborhood.

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Als Data Scientist/Datenjournalist habe ich über 30 Preise gewonnen. Und trotzdem schaffe ich es seit fast 4 Monaten nicht, einen neuen Arbeitgeber in Berlin zu finden.
NGOs haben kein Budget, Forschungsinstitute haben keine Stellen und die bisherigen Unternehmen (inkl. Google)…

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Are there any @PublicLab@twitter.com PublicLab people in on Thursday, November 14th? Interested in a little spontaneous Meetup?

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2. Lines:
Cyclone tracks of the West Pacific. Brighter tracks mean stronger cyclones. The Philippines says hello to lots of them yearly hehehuhu.

Tracks from IBtRACS; island shapes copyright
@openstreetmap@twitter.com contributors; made with

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