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Outstanding animated globe shows a year worth of earthquakes by depth (July 2017 to July 2018). In the interactive online version you can click on each individual to learn more. Epic ! Source: buff.ly/353fycg

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We're giving away 20 solar charger kits to Makers. Tell us what you want to build! bit.ly/2QtHWAp

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Hey , my employer Mandarin Medien looks for great people in UX and Design! Talk to me if you interested…

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American cities need to flip the street hierarchy inside out. We need a pedestrian core at the heart of every city and neighborhood.

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2. Lines:
Cyclone tracks of the West Pacific. Brighter tracks mean stronger cyclones. The Philippines says hello to lots of them yearly hehehuhu.

Tracks from IBtRACS; island shapes copyright
@openstreetmap@twitter.com contributors; made with

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Day 7: Red
More monochrome! All 14443 GPS points are a semi-transparent bird footprint belonging to one of 28 individual birds. The Red-backed shrike is also a Red List bird meaning the population is in severe decline and globally threatened

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Two of the @InsideNatGeo@twitter.com plastic bottle data loggers have left the Gange's delta and are 200km offshore, being pulled into cyclone Bulbul! Hold on to your antennas! @HeatherKoldewey@twitter.com @Imogennapper@twitter.com

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Explosive wildfire growth with giant smoke plumes.

Insane imagery of Australia's east coast today.

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Facebook’s new privacy policy after changing its name to FACEBOOK.

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Tolle Konferenz hat die ebl.lu in Luxemburg gestern auf die Beine gestellt. Dabei war auch ⁦@soziologik@twitter.com⁩ mit sehr spannenden Beispielen zu nachhaltiger Digitalisierung aus StΓ€dten und Kommunen. Tolle Leute mit vielen guten Ideen. Auf bald, Luxemburg! πŸ’ͺ

Speaking today at the DoubleClick conference in Luxembourg about the for governments.

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FYI, Google is trying to kill web URLs

Google wants users to use Google search as the access point for all content on the web. They are doing this by:
1. Removing visible URLs in Chrome
2. Penalizing sites for not using Google AMP
3. Removing URLs from search results

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We're deploying our new low cost Argos transmitters (Artic R2), developed with @icoteq@twitter.com for National Geographic's @InsideNatGeo@twitter.com to track plastic waste on the open ocean πŸŒŠπŸ›°οΈ

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Come and find out more about @Treezilla_org@twitter.com (the world's biggest tree map) platform for calculating ecosystem service value of trees @ValuingN@twitter.com @GeospatialC@twitter.com

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πŸ”Ž Auditing For Accessibility Problems with Firefox DevTools


@MarcoInEnglish@twitter.com' grand tour of the Accessibility panel & new features:

🌲 Basics of Accessibility Tree
βœ… Audit for issues in Labels, Keyboard and Contrast
🎨 Color Vision Deficiency Simulator

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