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We’ve just added built-in citation support to GitHub so researchers and scientists can more easily receive acknowledgments for their contributions to software.

Just push a CITATION.cff file and we’ll add a handy widget to the repo sidebar for you.

Enjoy! πŸŽ‰

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1/ In faktenfreier @Weltwoche@twitter.com Manier behauptet @SommMarkus@twitter.com in der @sonntagszeitung@twitter.com dass Hitzewellen und extreme NiederschlΓ€ge/Hochwasser in D nichts mit dem Klimawandel zu tun haben.

Das ist natΓΌrlich falsch. Faktencheck (update):

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First step: closing streets for cars πŸš™
Next step: Greenlng Streets 🌳

Love this, @BA_Mitte_Berlin@twitter.com ! Hopefully this will be the future for .

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Devestating example of headward erosion around the town of Blessem, from @BezRegKoeln@twitter.com. I hope everyone is safe. It's clear from GoogleEarth that overbank flow from the Erft, dropping to the lower level of an open quarry, induced this headward erosion.

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Last month was the hottest June on record in North America. 1,200 daytime records were broken in the final week. But there was an even greater number of daily records set by a different β€” and maybe more dangerous β€” measure: overnight temperatures. nyti.ms/2U5gmO5

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Another day, another beautiful feature revealed. This time a gorgeous meandering channel with very clear levees in the @gmrt_bathy@twitter.com @seabed2030@twitter.com

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Join us on the cablecar.

We know it's fun to be the climbers- if you can climb.
But we want to get more people up the mountain. So, if you want to join us helping others get to the top, then apply here:

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Please no, not referee wearing pink against Italy’s blue again @UEFA@twitter.com!

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"I don't think we should do the ass flare until 6pm earliest"


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There are a lot of factors that determine the speed of wildfires. Check out the infographic below to learn a little wildfire science, and visit weather.gov/safety/wildfire for the latest safety tips.

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🟒 Watch a course on the fundamentals of with a comprehensive overview of common use cases & tools. This great introduction to the power of includes information about , , and even . 🎞️➑️ youtu.be/Pz-96PMm5x8

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Satellites can see my trees!
just realised that the little wood I've been planting/nurturing for the last 25 years actually appears on the Copernicus Land Monitoring Map.
This has made me silly happy.

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The science on climate spells out the need for rapid, far-reaching, and unprecedented changes to how we work and live. Explore what we can, and should be doing as technologists professionals in a climate emergency with @mrchrisadams@twitter.com at

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I wrote code for an bar chart with diverging color scale. Been wanting to share it, but haven't had a good use case. The recent heat has me thinking about , so I used it in a app.

πŸ’»App: jstnbraaten.users.earthengine.
πŸ“œCode: gist.github.com/jdbcode/6a3f58

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Breaking news: China's building 100+ nuclear missile silos in its desert. In 2020 it was 100+ potential Uighur detention camps, now this.

Great work @ArmsControlWonk@twitter.com @MIIS@twitter.com!

@Planet@twitter.com will continue to help journalists find & shed light on key global events.

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🟠 Massive fireπŸ”₯ and smoke plume in the Sakha Republic, , 30 June 2021 πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί -2πŸ›°οΈ Full-size ➑️ flic.kr/p/2m8sNfK

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Drone photographer Lior Patel followed a herd of sheep for several months, as the herd was shepherded to its summer pasture. Entrancing and relaxing.

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