Hey crowd, the awesome @AnnaBaldig@twitter.com worked with @riffreporter@twitter.com the last month’s on a project about the accessibility of online newspapers for people with disabilities! She will give two free workshops (🇩🇪) about this topic this week in : [THREAD]

First workshop is for people who want to get an experience on how blind people can or even better can’t access everyday journalism: zlb.de/kalender-detail/kalende

…and the second workshops is with the lovely Susanne. A blind reporter who fell completely in love with art 🖼 . How is that supposed to work? Make the experience yourself: zlb.de/kalender-detail/kalende


By the way… @AnnaBaldig@twitter.com will be all the days in the library to discuss this topic with you and answer all your questions. Get the time of the residencies here: zlb.de/kalender-detail/kalende

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