I am looking for some people, who are interested in starting a collective, that builds tools for disaster situations (independently of ). More information > disaster-tech.org


We are looking for people who are good from the field of or interested in , , , disaster management and planning, natural scientists, /#DataViz, , , & ! More > disaster-tech.org

Maybe also interesting for @EngnRoom@twitter.com @nwspk@twitter.com @PublicLab@twitter.com @CorrelAid@twitter.com @GOSHCommunity@twitter.com @TheMissingMaps@twitter.com @hotosm@twitter.com @esa_gep@twitter.com @jessphoenix2018@twitter.com @techforgoodtv@twitter.com @Info_Activism@twitter.com @prototypefund@twitter.com @GIZtechDetector@twitter.com @DisastersChart@twitter.com @amnesty_digital@twitter.com More information > disaster-tech.org

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