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.@arduino@twitter.com is hosting a virtual "Combating Conference" today. You can join and find out more details at the following link: arduino.cc/covid-19/conference

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Join us tomorrow! We’re hosting a live Q&A about maintaining the “human” in human-centered design and development during these difficult times. So many thoughtful questions already submitted, looking forward to the chat ❤️ tbot.io/remote

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Ich bin heute bei Markus Lanz und werde vorher wegen 2m Abstand „die Maske unter Anleitung selbst vornehmen.“
Könnte lustig werden 🤡

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@niklas_jordan@twitter.com For anyone else interested, please email ari@givemomentum.com with the subject line: Cancel Corona Volunteer

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Hey design and campaign heads, some guys from our disaster-tech.group have started a project called cancelcorona.org and they are looking for , and ! Who is in?

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Heute kommen wieder die Forderungen nach verpflichtenden digitalen Datenerhebungen zur Pandemiebekämpfung: Nutzung der Kreditkartenabrechnungen, verpflichtende Installation von Apps, Zugriff auf die Betriebssysteme der Handys. Dazu ein paar Gedanken:

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Gerade wird viel über -Tracking per App gesprochen. Auch wenn die Idee verlockend klingt, ist sie aus einem Mix aus technischen, datenschutzrechlichen und epidemiologischen Gründen in Deutschland wenig sinnvoll. Warum? Ein Thread.

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Hey @SlackHQ@twitter.com, we are a fast growing community of nerds and experts about crisis response to develop open source tools to empower people in crisis situations (disastertech.slack.com). Do you want to help us with a subscription? 🙌

If anyone here has experience (or just feels like it) managing a large community (disaster-tech.org) so that everyone can benefit from it > I am grateful for any help! Please RT!

Oh wow... over 150 designer, devs, scientists, campaigner and policy maker joined over the last 5 days disaster-tech.org. And we are still growing fast... I am really impressed and full of drive!

Just send out the next 30 invitations for our slack channel. Awesome... we are now about 50 people building tools that helping humans in crisis situations!

Join us > disaster-tech.org

Whooohooo... big stuff is coming!

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Hello conservation technologists and people of the internet. Stephanie @Steph_ODonnell@twitter.com, Shah @shahselbe@twitter.com, Michelle @MikellaDesign@twitter.com and I are starting a cons tech podcast(!). We're looking for topics and questions that you'd like us to address to get started 👍

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Tomorrow @ 1pm eastern we'll take a virtual field trip to @NatGeoExplorers@twitter.com @shahselbe@twitter.com maker lab where he builds & deploys technologies that help solve conservation challenges around the world, from the tops of mountains to the Okavango Delta!
Tune in live: youtube.com/c/NatGeoEdOrg/live

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The collective is open since one day and we have about 20 members 💪 If you are interested in creating sustainable technologies to help people in crisis situations, please join us at 👉 join.slack.com/t/disastertech/

👋 people, we are looking for you if you are still interested in building open source solutions for situations 👉 Join us at disaster-tech.org

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Braucht ihr Unterstützung bei der Verstetigung eurer Projekte von ? Schreibt uns gerne eine DM - wir haben fünf Jahre Erfahrung mit skilled volunteering und ein Netzwerk von >1400 motivierten data scientists und helfen gerne! 💪 👨‍💻🧑‍💻👩‍💻cc @WirvsVirusHack@twitter.com

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