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What stops you using Earth Engine? πŸ€”

With a mission to broaden access to the power of satellite data, we are always interested to understand what the barriers are for accessing satellite analytics.
For example: what stops you using ?

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Great to see the support orgs like @EarthBlox@twitter.com get. We work for the same mission: Empower ppl to use the huge amount of open data. I am very exciting to see the approach they are taking.

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At next month’s , @EarthBlox@twitter.com will be pitching for over Β£1m investment. What a fascinating company, harnessing the power of satellite data without the need to code. Well worth listening to their pitch.


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Understanding our helps to ensure urban development & environmental protection

You want to contribute?

Take part in the and design solutions that digitise green spaces using technologies!

πŸ‘‰πŸ”— hackathons.cassini.eu

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Hello twitter. I'm looking for folks who work as independent researchers around climate and tech, and ideally the climate impact OF tech (not just AI). Extra points for a more systemic view informed by policy in other sectors.

I'll start, but can you add ones you know too?

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Basaltic (dark, blue) dotted with intrusive granite plutons(red, yellow) and splashed with deposits(orange)

Spectral curves from J. of Applied Remote Sensing, 13(1), 016513 (2019). doi.org/10.1117/1.JRS.13.01651

Full size api.soar.earth/short/191a6o1o4

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Lifecycle emissions of electricity sources ranked by grams of CO2 per kWh:
Coal: 1000
Gas: 450
Solar: 45
Wind: 11
Nuclear: 9
Big offshore wind turbines could get to <6!

Includes manufacturing, materials, transport + construction as well as fuel burnt forbes.com/sites/christopherhe

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This package is one of my productivity rockets πŸš€ The short update cycles are mindblowing. Everything is open source. Just a really great and ambitious project! Thanks, @giswqs@twitter.com πŸ™

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now supports any vector format (shp, geojson, kml, etc.) as supported by . Displaying data and attributes on the map without coding

Notebook: geemap.org/notebooks/58_shp_km

This is awesome πŸ›°

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I finally managed to finish my most ambitious project to date. Years in the making, I am releasing the full material for my 'End-to-End Google ' course under an open license - allowing anyone to learn, teach and adapt it. Check it out at courses.spatialthoughts.com/en

🀩 Could watch this for hours...

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. Having fun with our new Stream Table from @EmriverModel@twitter.com. Come check it out in Jordan Hall. @ncstatemeas@twitter.com

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The strongly meandering pattern of the Omo River in the Lower Omo basin, southwestern Ethiopia

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Could the early start of wildfires in areas as cold as Oymyakon in Yakutia be linked to the so-called 'zombie' (peat) fires? This one outside Khandyga, for example, was first seen by locals in Nov '20. Our footage (filmed end of Feb '21 at -30C) shows that it didn't stop burning

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New wildfires seen yesterday by Oymyakon, Yakutia, the world's Pole of Cold. Image via @Pierre_Markuse@twitter.com

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I finally started uploading my example python notebooks for @TUDelft_CT@twitter.com education to github.com/steflhermitte/EO-No. Today part 1: Mapping in python using cartopy, geopandas and openstreetmap πŸŒπŸ—ΊοΈ

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Great example about how satellite imagery can be used to uncover and investigate local issues! πŸ›° twitter.com/wammezz/status/138

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πŸš€ New feature: To make it easier for you, to contribute to our guides at learn.openspacedata.org, we've added an 'Edit' button. Now you don't have to set up the site locally, you can go directly to the file, make your changes and commit them. Just within the browser.

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Severe is causing water levels in California's reservoirs to rapidly decline.

This 3 year timelapse from Sentinel-2 satellite of Lake Folsom just east of Sacramento is pretty telling of the escalating drought situation. @sentinel_hub@twitter.com

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You can download Sentinel-2 time series from Google Earth Engine in just a few lines of code πŸ™‚

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