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I’m going to Berlin in two weeks - who should I meet while I’m there?

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The perfection of nature ❤️

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An Alboran gyre. Doesn't get much rounder than this! 🌀🤩

(seen by on 22 September)

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An Alboran gyre. Doesn't get much rounder than this! 🌀🤩

(seen by on 22 September)

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😍 The Meidob volcanic 🌋 landscape in Sudan 🇸🇩 covers a huge area of ∼5000 km2. The field consists of various geological landforms, such as craters, domes built by 🔥 lava flows, and cones formed around the 🌋 vents. Explore it yourself in ➡️ sentinelshare.page.link/83Pu

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Access to Copernicus marine data from EUMETSAT is changing. Are you ready?
Poster by @brloveday@twitter.com
@aida_alvera@twitter.com @HayleyEversKing@twitter.com
@ab_ruescas@twitter.com and colleagues.
Check this out: zenodo.org/record/7119090

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The most shared image in the last days was probably the incredible eye of 🌀 But nobody was sharing the impressive thermal band view... 🌡️

🛰️ 2022-09-28 (processed with @sentinel_hub@twitter.com)

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Yikes...video from a Danish F-16 of huge columns of natural gas bubbling to the sea surface from the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipeline leaks 😢 twitter.com/forsvaretdk/status

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Hej hej @hacktoria@twitter.com, there was an great article on your site called "Maritime OSINT in detail" (hacktoria.com/articles/maritim) a few weeks ago. Now I'll get a 404 and can't find anything through your search. Why is it gone and where can I find it again?

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Happy to announce my new course Mapping and Data Visualization with . This has been in the making for over a year and excited to be able to share it with the world! The full course is free for self-study and shared under an open license. An overview thread below 👇 1/n

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【No.4】This is also interesting data visualization.

City noise data is visualized on the map.
You can mouse over to hear the sounds.
It might be useful for urban planning.


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«I feel about my local [libraries] much the way I feel about my kids: I’m lucky to have two; they spring from the same source but have unique personalities, and I love them equally.»

We feel you, @MicheleHHerman@twitter.com! 🫶 Who else?

👉 lithub.com/a-love-letter-to-pe on @lithub@twitter.com

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🔥 Check this new fire visualization script by @Pierre_Markuse@twitter.com. It brings awesome outputs for wildfires, has a lot of options and is well explained and documented in the article 👇

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🟠 Take a look at my newest custom script📗 "QuickFire 1.0" to easily visualize fires🔥 and hot spots in the @sentinel_hub@twitter.com EO Browser🌐. For beginners as well as advanced users. Blog post and script here ➡️ pierre-markuse.net/2022/09/21/

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I wrote a blog post about using Google Earth Engine from a @streamlit@twitter.com app🎈🌍: medium.com/@mykolakozyr/using-

It took a while to set things up, so I decided to share my discoveries. Hope, this might help someone or even encourage building some nice apps 😉🙂

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New side project! (...this time nothing about EO 😉)

👉 ofcourselibrari.es/

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„Oh interesting.” that was the unenthusiastic response when we told a friend about our love of libraries and this project. She couldn´t share our enthusiasm for these magical places. But we do. And here is the story about us and the "why"... 🧵 1/8

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📚 Library lover? Our website finally launched. Check it out and learn more about our love of public libraries and our plans. AND SUBSCRIBE NOW to not miss our first issue! It's free.

👉 ofcourselibrari.es/

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The past four decades experienced a dramatic increase in number and intensity of marine heatwave episodes. These episodes of persistent anomalously warm ocean temperatures pose a serious threat to the health of marine ecosystems bit.ly/3ePnt7n

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Just over a week left to apply for the @eumetsat@twitter.com Supporting Marine EO applications course. Beginning your ocean EO journey? Looking to pick up new skills, or have a new idea? Cross disciplinary researcher? Come join us!

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Confirmation from the European Space Agency that more than a third of Pakistan is currently submerged.

"More than 33 million, one in seven Pakistanis, have been affected by the flooding."


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