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Don’t miss out!
Join us on 26 May 10:30 - 13:30 CEST as our Director of EO Programmes, @AschbacherJosef@twitter.com takes the virtual stage to give a keynote at the International Kick-off of the @CopernicusEMC@twitter.com. Sign up now! bit.ly/3bBJhvA

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A full rotation of Earth visualized by stabilizing the sky over a 24 hour period. Captured in Namibia by photographer Bartosz Wojczyński.

Source: bit.ly/2TCjaP5

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Hey twitter, kennt ihr deutschsprachige |liche Projekte zu Naturkatastrophen oder Naturgewalten (Fluten, Erdrutsche, Seismik, Lawinen, etc.)?
Frage wegen einem Podcast Interview...

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Hey twitter, are there any German projects about / ? Ask for a podcast interview...

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👩‍🎓Executive Director
🗺 @PublicLab@twitter.com
🔍Background in community or citizen science preferred
🎩 @MaxLiboiron@twitter.com
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Data from meteorological of @eumetsat@twitter.com & @NOAA@twitter.com are not only important for tropical cyclones, but also because they are key to create accurate initial conditions for weather forecasts such as those of @ECMWF@twitter.com which allow to predict such events days in advance twitter.com/pmruti/status/1263

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Es gibt Rabenvögel, die sind intelligenter und solidarischer als die meisten Menschen.

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Multiple von Karman vortex streets forming off Cabo Verde.


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🥁Week 5 winner of the custom script contest by @sentinel_hub@twitter.com, @ESA_EO@twitter.com & @EU_Commission@twitter.com was just announced!

👏Samuel Barrett from Austria demonstrated how to track the economic impacts and recovery from the pandemic with 🛰️🇪🇺 based Car Park Monitoring.

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Do you want to help @Mozilla@twitter.com fix the internet? Do you have great product or technology ideas that can shape the in a positive way? Join our MVP Lab or our Start-up Studio now! (Applications by June 5.) builders.mozilla.community/

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Time lapse of stereo photographs in Mount Lebanon.. by squinting a little it should be possible to see the snow melt in 4D 🤩

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Sahara sand over . The eye of confirms CAMS simulations. There will come much more in the next days! @CleanAirLondon@twitter.com @EU_ENV@twitter.com @tropomi@twitter.com @CopernicusEU@twitter.com @CopernicusECMWF@twitter.com @CopernicusLand@twitter.com @ESA_EO@twitter.com @eumetsat@twitter.com twitter.com/m_parrington/statu

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We're on the hunt for our next ! @PublicLab@twitter.com is looking for someone deeply committed to , with experience leading grassroots movements. Is this you or someone you know? Share and apply now: bit.ly/PL_ED

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Next "tech for good" hackathon:

- All projects are brought as broad needs by real non-profits describing high-level problems

- Only off-the-shelf (no custom code) tools are allowed

- No prizes; instead all the SaaS tool costs are covered for the non-profits for 1 year

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🛰️ My first exciting steps in : Take a look at how sediments are transported through the Weser (left delta) and Elbe (right delta) into the North Sea.What an impressing and hidden view on our world... 🌍(data by @ESA_EO@twitter.com Sentinel-2 L1C, processed with @sentinel_hub@twitter.com )

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We believe in the responsible use of technologies to address disasters, join us in the @DisasterTechOrg@twitter.com community if you feel the same way: disaster-tech.org/

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Our @SmartParksOrg@twitter.com Rain Gauge clearly shows we finally got some needed raindrops in the last few days (10.2mm).

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Sprachlos. VDA-Chefin Müller im @DLF@twitter.com (sinngemäß): Wir brauchen eine Autokaufprämie, auch für Verbrenner, damit die Bürger das VERTRAUEN wieder gewinnen. 😤 Es ist unfassbar, mit welcher Chuzpe die Automobilindustrie Staatshilfen für ein überholtes Geschäftsmodell einfordert! 😤

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